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Debut album
'Echoes Of Creation'
officially released 3/3/23!


“Good powerful rock with a lot of energy

as  metal should be.” - Rock and Birra Radio

"Just a resounding YES billows through my mid as I listen to this A+ offering 

of musical mastery you present before me!" SLE Music Radio

“This album is very good and there is a nice balance in the mix” - NPS Music

“Songwriting and melodies are really cool!” - M&R Digital Agency

“Powerful song and the riffs are perfect. The mix and execution 

of musicians is tremendous.” - DaChance Music

“I was really excited about writing and recording this album because it was going to be my first endeavor as a solo artist with all of the writing capabilities. It was also going to be my first ever full length album in a brand new studio that I built myself, after moving all the way across the country (from Oregon to South Carolina). I was also excited about the fact that 3 of the songs on this album, I’ve been holding onto for almost 20 years. Take Me (Pt. 1), Lost in Time (Pt. 2) and Shadow Demon were all recorded (badly) around 2005 for what was going to be my first attempt at a solo album. As soon as I started writing and making demos, I joined another band and those songs were put on the back-burner. Almost 20 years later I was finally able to re-record them the way they were meant to be heard, which is why I decided to name the album ‘Echoes Of Creation’. This album is based on the idea that at any given moment, we can all get stuck in a rut and become depressed. It’s up to us to dig ourselves out of that hole and become the best version of ourselves that we can be. I truly believe that each song on this album maintains that idea,while also having a different sound and  influence, which makes it very fun and enjoyable to listen to.”

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